Sabtu, 01 Desember 2012

Cuddle Can Lower Blood Pressure and Improve Memory

For people who are already familiar, hugging is a form of expression of affection and familiarity. Not only are frequently hugging lover, friends, family and relatives did. Apparently this activity has great benefits for health.

One study found that hug can lower blood pressure, reduce stress, and anxiety, and even improve memory. The positive effects of hugging of people we know well or caused by oxytocin the love hormone.

Oxytocin is produced in the pituitary gland and is known to increase the closeness between parents, children and spouses. Previous research confirms that high levels of oxytocin found in couples who are in a relationship.

"The positive effect only happens when people trust each other, and there was a sense of interconnected signal sent accordingly. If people do not know each other or unwanted embrace both sides, the effect is lost," said the researcher, Jurgen Sandkuhler as reported by Medical Daily on Monday (01/21/2013).

Sandkuhler which is the neurophysiologists at the Centre for Brain Research Medical University of Vienna explains that trust is the most important thing in his arms, no matter how long or how often embrace. When there is trust, increases oxytocin levels can occur through trivial behavior though.

However, if the person giving hugs hugs unknown or done out of necessity alias is not desirable, then the hormone oxytocin will not be released. Instead unwanted hug can create stress because people tend to make the distance with strangers.

Hugs unwanted even increase levels of the hormone cortisol. Its function in contrast to the hormone oxytocin. Naturally, oxytocin is released during childbirth and breastfeeding to improve bonding between mother and baby.

"Research has shown that children whose mothers were given additional oxytocin apparently played an increase in the levels of hormones alone. It occurred solely as a result of the mother's behavior," said Sandkuhler.

So what are you waiting? If you feel sad and upset, immediately hug my mother, brother, friend or loved one alone. But for singles who do not try to hug gebetan this reason, any-one could even worse consequences.

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