Senin, 01 Oktober 2012

Can Capital Tips For those of you who Want to Start a Business

Capital gain can be done in various ways, in this article I will explain the proper ways so that we do not make mistakes in business.

The art of getting capital in the business:

1. Saving money is the longest way to get capital.

2. Dear Debt, make this a last moment because this is the most dangerous. One-one can break up your kinship. So when forced owed to you, you must promise when the debt will be paid, and say that he can profit when lending money to you.

Remember the Win-Win. You could say if anyone else was Win Win. If one day you can not pay, show good ethics and said that for the moment you can not pay and can only pay the interest alone.

3. Debt friend. Before you do this you have to be friends first. One of these ways is by making a proposal if it does you will create a project, meaning you owe any means you are not in debt but offering a business opportunity, so let the benefits you offer opportunities. Many companies ask me to cooperate.

Any company that invited me to work together at least he had the expert in the field, never did the business which in essence is she was already established and planning is ripe.

If you've heard about H. Amir Abadi yusuf, he was an audit accountant, author, lecturer, and has 9 companies. My proposal met three times already approved. Since I was informed that I had experienced bookstore 9 years, I always show graphs turnover up, if it is invest the benefits to be gained.

4. Sale of the next idea, and invited her to be a partnership, a partnership if he is then he would go jump immediately. To be sure you can provide collateral in the form of a certificate or background. Make him believe you, tell him that he should be fast because it was profitable and once again mentioned these benefits.

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